Bridge Legends


You can never go wrong by playing logic and puzzle 1 player games with adventures, especially if they are of the high quality and as entertaining as the latest one we have is, and we’re talking about the game called Bridge Legends, which is now readily available for you to enjoy!

Build the bridges to unite the lovers!

There is a warrior who needs to get to the princess for you to clear the level, and to do that you need to build entire bridges or fix existing ones so that he has safe passage because only then the level is cleared, and the better you perform, the more stars you get.

We hope that you always get three out of three! Use the mouse to pick up bridges, boards, and pieces to a place where they are missing from, and then hit the go button to walk the bridge, hopefully without falling and failing the level.

Good luck to you all, no matter how difficult the levels might get, and we hope that you stick around for even more fun to come!

Game controls

Use the mouse.