FNF: Agoti Sings Ugh

Wow is one of the most popular tracks to ever appear in the FNF series on our website, and that’s because it’s the iconic track of Tankist, the last antagonist, but we won’t be seeing it here today as it’s on his song. we will have a battle between Boyfriend and Agiga, a battle that makes a big difference as they are the boyfriend and ex-boyfriend of the Girlfriend character in this franchise. Go!

Can Agoti and BF sing to perfection “ugh”? Let’s figure it out!

When you see the arrow symbols above the BF head match up with each other, you will have to press the same arrow keys on your keyboard yourself and keep doing this until the song ends in order to win.

This also means that you need to be careful not to miss the keystrokes too many times in a row, because in this case, you will lose the entire game.

Good luck, don’t forget to stay with us and catch all the awesome new games coming here today!

Mod designed by: Astro_Galaxy: Made the cover of AGOTI Ugh