FNF in 2 players

We are happy to announce that we have published one of the most requested mods of the famous Friday Night Funkin game in which you will have the opportunity to play with your friends from the same computer so that you can see which of you is better at this game.

The game:

  • 2 mods: 1 player and 2 players
  • Fullscreen, Pause, Back, Mute buttons
  • Score
  • FPS
  • mobile-friendly

The single-player mode:

  • 4 Weeks: Dad, SkidPump, Pico, and Mom
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • 4 Songs: Bopeebo, Pico, Spookeez, Satin Panties

The 2-player mode:

  • Choose from 7 characters: Boyfriend, Pico, Dad, SkidPump, Girlfriend, Tankman, Mom
  • Random songs from Bopeebo, Pico, Spookeez, Satin Panties
  • 5 Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane, and ?!?!?#!?

When you will play the game from a mobile device, notice that at the bottom of the screen you will have some arrow controls. Use them to play. Seriously. 

Have fun! đź™‚