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March 21, 2023

In FNF Spooky’s Saturday Scare you will have to brave your fear to face Spooky and the many terrifying entities that accompany him. Daddy Dearest has sent Girlfriend to the mansion up the hill in hopes that Boyfriend will search for her and succumb to the many monsters that inhabit this haunted place. But you should never underestimate the power of Boyfriend’s singing who is able to defeat any opponent in ruthless rap battles. The mod offers a week consisting of 5 songs as well as 4 bonus songs in Freeplay. Boyfriend will have to face many bosses such as Unknown Specimen 1 (Witheface), Spooky himself or the terrifying Specimen 9. They are all iconic monsters from the game Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. In addition to its oppressive atmosphere and its rhythmic music, FNF Spooky’s Saturday Scare offers several original game mechanics that will add variety and a little difficulty to the battles.

Songs list:
Mansion – Chills – Full Body Amputation – Septicemia – Antagonized – Imscared – Off The Goop – Cutout – Rigor Chorus

Credits :
Director: TheOsSloth / Coder: legole0
Composers: Entro – melxicy – Mr_NoL – Seberster
Artists: DubztepUniverze – TheiMP0509 – DistopTF2 – Shammah – CelestialResort – Gagato – Poyo – Korean Nooby – Mari_chan – Red Robin – TME – MayCReal
Charter: shinolad / Video editor: Dioma / Animator: Jack-0 / Voices: RaiGuyyy – Spookynova / Play tester: Ness

You can download FNF Spooky’s Saturday Scare from the Original mod page.

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