FNF Vs. Blue

FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends) is a mod for Friday Night Funkin’ based on the popular Roblox horror mod. The excursion to the Oddworld amusement park was supposed to be a fun and joyful day, but an unexpected encounter will upset the program. Indeed the 4 Rainbow Friends want to have fun and it will be an opportunity for Blue to challenge Boyfriend with a duel on a new song of his composition. Green, Orange and Violet will be watching our two sidekicks sing on “Odd Friend” and Boyfriend won’t have to give in to Blue’s fear and intimidation if he wants to keep the rhythm going throughout the song. As a bonus in the Freeplay menu you can discover a remix of the song “Friend To Your End”.

Director, animator, artist, coder, charter: Richilix
Composers: RaveYT – MrFlamin

You can download FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends) from the Original mod page.