FNF vs Dave and Bambi 3.0

Guys, are you ready for a dizzying musical battle? Then drop everything you’re doing and hurry up to the “Friday Night Funkin” stage! Here the most outrageous parties and the main Friday parties are held! The main characters of this fight will be crazy guys Dave and Bambi. These daredevils have an amazing talent for getting into trouble. But even in the worst scenario, they manage to get away with it.

How to play?
The game consists of two music modes – story and free play. In the story, you will sing songs in turn and fight with unusual heroes. But in free play, a surprise awaits you! Here you can go through the entire collection of songs in three collections: history, joke and extra. Here are collected all the compositions from the original fnf mod. Go through each block of songs and you can learn the whole story of unusual friends and unlock new characters. This game will appeal to all fans of “Friday Night Funkin” and will give a great mood to everyone without exception. Enjoy the game and good luck!