FNF vs Roblox Doors

Guys, do you want to tickle your nerves a little and meet a couple of your nightmares? Then, we are happy to welcome the daredevils in the game “FNF Roblox Doors”! Here you will find yourself face to face with the most terrible creatures that have made their way into the world of Friday Night Funkin. They hid behind numerous doors and vigilantly wait for their prey. But luck is not on their side today. This time, the monsters can become victims themselves, because they are waiting for the coolest and most merciless musical duel in their lives! Boyfriend trained for a long time and is now always ready to fight with any enemy. Let’s help him? For business!

How to play?
The game consists of one mode called “free play”. Here you don’t have to limit yourself to a strict order and can choose the enemy you want to fight the most at that moment. Among the opponents will be the most terrible monsters of Roblox Doors: Rush, Figure, Halt and a spider. They have long terrified many robloxers and fed on their fear. But it’s time for everything to answer! To defeat powerful opponents, you need to demonstrate unprecedented agility and reaction speed. Repeat all the combinations of arrows during the Boyfriend party and you can defeat even invincible enemies! Good luck!