Friday Night Funkin’: BeatStreets

Friday Night Funkin’: BeatStreets: The boy is again ready to accept the challenge from rivals who imagine themselves to be the best singers in this area. Together with the main character, you must show that your opponents are mistaken about their own account since it is the boy who is the more capable vocalist.

In the main menu, select the appropriate mode or story, or free play from the list. Next, you have to decide on the level of difficulty and the track that will sound during the competition with a specific opponent. The main character is located on the right side of the screen, arrows will soon appear below, which must be found on the keyboard and, in accordance with the displayed elements, press. With each correct action, the scale of the main character on the lower indicator shifts, pushing away the enemy’s icon. If the guy manages to take the opponent out of the game, then the victory ball will go to him.