Friday Night Funkin’ C-sides

The boy cannot sleep well until he manages to establish absolute leadership among the best vocalists. The rivals are also on the alert and challenge him to defeat him as singers of the highest category. Help the main character hold his position, not allowing him to be displaced from the vocal Olympus.

First, choose the appropriate friday night funkin mode, historical mod, or free play. Next, decide on the level of difficulty, stopping at low, medium or high. Then make a choice in favor of the track you like the most, and then switch to the passage of the mission. At the location where the opponent is waiting, a melody will play, and on the right side, where the main character stood, icons will appear. Press the arrow keys on the keyboard at the desired time when specific fragments are displayed on the screen. By timely interacting with the buttons, it will be possible to fill the scale of the protagonist on the lower indicator, completely sliding the enemy’s icon, and then get a well-deserved victory.