Friday Night Funkin’: Christmas Carnage

New Year is almost on the doorstep, and very soon everyone will be celebrating! Girlfriend and Boyfriend decided to celebrate the holiday in a country house in the company of each other. Only a Christmas tree, a blazing fireplace and a couple in love. It will be so romantic! Rather, it should have been romantic, but something went wrong! The Christmas tree turned out to be a creepy monster who decided to challenge Boyfriend and fight him in a musical battle. We must help the kid save the holiday and prevent the Christmas tree monster from ruining this magical day! Are you ready to fight back the evil monster and show that in vain it decided to contact the pros in the rhythm of fights? Then, get down to business!

How to play?

Unlike traditional fnf mods, there will not be many songs here, and the whole concert today will consist of only one song. Only she will make you sweat hard! To start a battle, you need to press the space bar at the moment when the arrow is on the green section of the lane. Further, everything depends only on the dexterity of your fingers and the speed of reaction. Repeat carefully all the key combinations that appear near the Boyfriend. This will be the hottest festive battle of musicians! Enjoy your game and good luck!