Friday Night funkin Divorcin

One fine day, a scandal thundered in the girl’s family. Mammy demanded a divorce with the subsequent division of property. Girlfriend’s father Daddy Direst was shocked and categorically opposed to divorce. But as soon as he found out that Mammy was going to take their common daughter with him, he was furious. Now there is no turning back, and both heroes are ready to part ways. In Friday Night Funkin: Divorce, we will help Daddy win the lawsuits and keep his daughter with him.

How to play?
Here you will find a hot and stormy confrontation between former lovers. Ready? Then, knead your fingers, now it will be hot! The game consists of two modes – story and free play. In the story, the player will have to face in a musical battle on the stage of the FNF and go through all three compositions strictly in turn. But in free play, your hands will be completely untied. You can choose any song and crush your opponent. The main thing is to repeat everything after the arrows and do everything on time. And the victory will be yours! Enjoy your game and good luck!