Friday Night Funkin VS Cye

The main character decided to oppose Sai in a vocal competition, but without your help he cannot cope. Help the boy to wipe his nose to the opponent, sing so that the girl who is present at the competition of two strong rivals is surprised at the talent.

Friday Night Funkin VS Cye: There are several options for the game, this is a story mode and a free mode. Choose a difficulty level based on your own skills for such a competition. After the settings, you will be transferred to the location where the enemy has already gone to wait for the main character. When the music starts, pay attention to the right side, where our boy is standing. Elements will run from the bottom of the screen and you will have to press the arrows on the keyboard in accordance with the displayed icons. If you fake, then the main character’s icon on the lower indicator will move away, which will increase the opponent’s scale. It is impossible to allow the opponent to fill the indicator completely, otherwise you will lose.