Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Randy

With immense excitement and excitement, right now we can bring you all a brand new FNF mod that can be enjoyed on our website, not on the first day and certainly not on the last, and the new game we are talking about is called Friday Night Funkin ‘Vs Randy Mod, which features a new original character to fight against.

Who is FNF’s Randy?
This fashionable new character is a white bunny who wears a blue hoodie and a blue hat with holes for bunny ears, and wears a skateboard in one hand and a microphone in the other. He replaces Daddy Dearest in Vogue and his new song is called Hop 2 It.

How to beat Randy in a musical battle:

What you need to do in this new duel remains the same: help Boyfriend win the beat competition, so make sure you hit the arrow keys at the right time to hit all notes and avoid too many misses in a row, because which means Randy will overtake you and you will lose the battle.

We recommend that you choose the difficulty level that you think you can handle best, and we want to wish everyone the best of luck and invite you to start playing the game now!

 Created by LooksLikeIveLost.