Friday Night Funkin’ vs Tricky: Version 2

To start the game, you need to click on the black screen after the main load

Guys, are you ready for new musical battles with one of the most dangerous enemies? Then welcome to Friday Night Funkin: Tricky 2! Here you will meet the creepy clown from the game “Madness Combat” for the second time. This guy is reputed to be a real madman and ruthless bloodthirsty killer. But Boyfriend is ready to risk for the sake of his beloved, and decides to fight the monster!

How to play?
The game has two modes – clown and free play. In clown mode, you will battle the enemy for all three rounds in turn. But in the free play mode, you can select any song from the list and arrange a cool song contest. The first two songs are going to be difficult, but the third is going to be real hardcore. The clown will transform into his hellish version and have a really hot FNF-style battle! Call on all your dexterity to lay down even such a dangerous enemy on the shoulder blades, and once again prove your superiority and coolness. It will be hard, hot and mega cool! Only a true master of “Friday Night Funkin” can defeat the hellish clown and save his love. Enjoy your game and good luck!

his mod was made by Banbuds (Director, Artist, and Animator), Rozebud (Musician and Programming), KadeDev (Programming), Cval (Charting, Off-Setting), YingYang48 (Composer), JADS (Composer), and Moro (Cutscenes, Backgrounds).