Funkin’ at Freddy Vs. Afton

Challenge the “Purple Guy” to music in Funkin’ at Freddy’s Vs. Afton, a mod for Friday Night Funkin’ in which the famous creator of animatronics will be a most redoubted opponent. Boyfriend will have yet another epic challenge in a rap battle against an iconic and mysterious character. William Afton himself, co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment, will offer a duel to Boyfriend during a grueling week composed of 5 songs. Keep the rhythm and cool head to beat Afton and discover other secrets in the freeplay menu that will extend the adventure to music!

Songs list: Celebrate – Follow Me – Midnight – You Can’t – Salvage – Nightmare – Just a Theory – Forth Wall
(more songs coming soon)

Directors: JcJack – SpagOs – ThatOneAqua – BurnOutFunny
Artists: Fabs – Snak – OrbyyOrbinaut – Notakin – EllisBros – Bottler
Composers: punkett – Jacaris – EthanTheDoodler – NimbusCumulus
Programmer: Clowfoe
Charters: ItsGonk – GibzInk
Voices: Evan!!!

You can download FNF Vs. Afton from the Original mod page.