Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2

An excellent game, but in the genre of horror where you will play as the main character in the city of Blacklands. This city is honestly shrouded in secrets and scary situations, so you need to try to solve them as much as possible. Somewhere in the area of ​​the Blacklands Manor orphanage, they got hit, sent three very strange toys. Of course, the kids didn’t think for a long time and instantly gave nicknames to these wonderful soft toys. The names are very strange, but this does not mean that they did not like them, and now we will voice them: Stripe, Bo and Hopp. Then the most terrible thing began, because the children began to disappear somewhere. You need to look for them, so explore the strange city. It is important to turn on the light wherever you can, as well as find some clues that will definitely help you get on the trail of loss.


Mouse – action
Arrows – Walk